With only eleven years of age NilyNils first becomes involved in acrobatics and the art of juggling. This- still without him knowing- opens a door for him into a world that reaches far beyond the frontiers of his normal day-to-day life.

With the children’s circus “Giovanni” in Hannover he gathers his first experience on stage. Guest-performances at “Circus Roncalli” and “Traumtheater Salomé” are his introduction into the world of circus. Above all it makes him realise that his dreams are much closer within reach than he thought.


At the age of sixteen another milestone was being set in his life. With his artist-ensemble “Ikarus” he studies with one of the best jugglers at that time, Andrew Allen alias Neil Stammer.

Alongside with all his technical advises, most importantly Andrew Allen taught him the art of “Street performance”. That opens another door in Nils´ career as he learns how to make the street his stage. Now the plazas and squares all over the world were going to be his new venues.


After finishing German A levels school, civil service and a six month journey through Southeast Asia, Nils finally got to Sydney, Australia. There he decides to make his living as artist. In 1996 at “Circular Quay”, looking at the Sydney-Opera Nils performs his first ever Solo-Street-Show.


That was the exciting beginning of a long career as Artist & Entertainer. Since than, Nils hasn’t stopped looking for new scenes, new challenges and experiences in– and outside the performing world. This has led him to lots of different cities in various counties all through four continents (so far…).


NilyNils’ performance is an expression of the experience and the keen sense for people that he has gained in countless shows for all types of audiences in events of all kind.


That is why the centrepiece of his performance is not primarily his excellent juggling technique and his spectacular tricks, but his joy, his talent to communicate and to make people laugh. Ultimately, things, that you have to live to learn and that reflect artists’ entire history…