In his eighteen years of international experience as artist and entertainer and performing in many countries throughout four continents, NilyNils has created a show in which his exceptional juggling skills combine with his humour and repartee to create a unique atmosphere, which alternates between laughter and suspense.

NilyNils has developed a unique way to communicate with and captivate audiences with a performance that fascinates for far more than just his outstanding juggling skills.

Comedy, energetic highly skilled club juggling, an impressive demonstration with up to five large balls, knives and apples or pans and eggs are the ingredients of this show where the tricks progressively get more and more difficult until the breath-taking finale on top of a giant three-meter unicycle.

His keen sense of funny situations and his talent for spontaneity are the setting for a show that consist of various, smoothly connected, numbers.
This way NilyNils presents:
• a combination of balance and juggling on top of his “NilyNils”-case,
• a highly skilled club-juggling routine, choreographed to music,
• a visually impressive juggle with up to five huge balls, presented with lots of humour,
• a breath-taking finale on a three meter unicycle on which  NilyNils is performing one of the these stunts:

  • Juggling with two knifes and one apple- while eating the apple,
  • Juggling with three burning torches,
  • Juggling with a torch, a frying pan and one egg.

The standard show is usually twenty-five to sixty minutes long. To adapt the performance to Variety-Shows or similar occasions, the show can also be split into different, shorter, parts with a length between five an twenty minutes.

The variety and versatility of humoristic and artistic elements with the different finales, allow NilyNils to perform various shows at the same event.

The Show is guaranteed to be a success at any event.

NilyNils is the perfect entertainment for festivals, street theatre, variety, business functions and galas as well as for private events like weddings, birthday parties opening ceremonies, etc.

NilyNils can perform his show anywhere in the world.
He speaks fluent English, German, Spanish and Italian. Above all NilyNils has developed an extraordinary ability to connect with his audience and to find ways of communicating beyond language.


Nils-F. Müller - Julie den Boer.

Number of artists:
1 - Nils-F. Müller.

15 to 60 minutes (The duration of the show can easily be adapted to the event and audience).

All kinds of audienece.

Type of performance: 
Comedy, animation, juggling, balance on a three meter hight unicycle.

The show can be performed on a stage or directly on a square or the street.
Minimum space required : 5x5 Meter.
The size of the unicycle can be adapted to a lower ceiling from 1,5 meter to 3 meter. For the 3 meter unicycle requieres a ceiling hight of 4,5 meter. 

wireless Headset Microfone / Music from iPod or Computer.

  • battery powered 50 watt amplifyer with headset included (Bose Spekers and Sennheiser Microfone). sufficient for most performances in a relatively quiet envoirment for audiences with up to about 200 people.
  • Activ speakers with Subwoofer and two satellites, mixer und wireless Microfone HK 

AUDIO® Aktivsystem L.U.K.A.S Smart

Power Subwoofer: 250 W/3 ohms @ 0,3 % THD
Power Satellites: 2x 60 W/4 ohms @ 0,3 % THD
Weight: 21 kg.
(Excellent sound quality for events with up to about 500 people.

Numer of shows per day:
between one and three shows a day (in rare cases four or five shows per day)